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What is T-Shotz?

T-Shotz features 66 climate-controlled, technology-enhanced hitting bays across 3 levels where guests can eat, drink, socialize and play a variety of golf games and virtual courses on the 220 yard driving range.

A local group from Kansas City saw a need for a unique sports experience in Kansas City’s Northland. T-Shotz was developed and continues to be owned by these same locals who care about the community just like you do.

T-Shotz is a restaurant with a golf range and games that will bring you together with your family and friends. Not all places for kids to eat and play are created equal. We created T-Shotz as a place for Kansas City and the surrounding areas to claim as their own. Adults and children alike can delight in the fun to be had at this venue.

How old do you have to be to go to T-Shotz?

Anyone under the age of 16 must be supervised by a guest 21 years of age or older at all times.

Anyone under the age of 18 must be supervised by a guest 21 years of age or older after 9:00 PM.

Can I Bring A Cake For My Party?

We allow you to bring in a cake, cookie or cupcakes in for your party! Any outside food items must be store bought with the ingredients listed on the label.

Do You Serve Food And Drinks?

Absolutely! We are much more than a driving range. In addition to seating in our main bar, we have our event spaces on our garden level and top floor. If you’re wanting to play golf, our bays are full-service and a server will take care of you while in your bay. Any food or beverages (including beer and cocktails) ordered is brought to you in your bay!


What technology is used at T-Shotz?

One of the unique aspects of coming to T-Shotz is that you hit a real golf ball and it gets tracked by TrackMan Range technology, which is powered by Doppler radar.

That same technology is available in a free app that you can download on your phone or tablet and use during your visits to T-Shotz. This free app gives you data like distance, ball speed, roll, trajectory and much more in real time. It also stores your swing history so each time you visit T-Shotz, you can track your progress!

Download the TrackMan Range app today and start improving your game!

How Many People Can Play At Once?

You can have a maximum of 8 people in your bay.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your first visit to T-Shotz, you’ll purchase a one-time $5 Membership which gives you lifetime access to T-Shotz. After that, it depends on how long you and/or your group decide to play. You can also purchase a Titanium Membership for additional discounts, upgrades and priority access to golf bays!

Do You Have Clubs Available?

We do! Standard clubs (men’s and women’s left and right handed clubs and junior clubs) come with your bay rental and are free to use. Titanium Members get to use upgraded Callaway Mavrik clubs.

Can I Bring My Own Clubs?

Absolutely! If you prefer to use your own clubs, bring them along and place them in the bag holder in your bay.

Do You Close During Inclement Weather?

We are open year-round and have heaters in the bay for cold weather and fans in the bay for hot weather. T-Shotz will only close due to weather emergencies.


How many people can play?

We have 4 courts available and each court can have up to 4 people playing at a time. 

How long can I book?

We have our system set-up to book in 1 hour reservations.  You can add time while here in blocks of 30 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Non-Peak hours are $10 and Peak hours are $20

Do you have paddles and balls? Are they free?

We have paddles and balls available with all court rentals free of charge.  But, you can bring your own paddles to play as well. 

What if there is inclement weather?

Weather is a challenge and can change at any moment.  Our courts are outside and are not covered.  We will have them available to play as long as it is not raining or snowing or covered in snow. 


What is the reservation fee for?

The reservation fee holds your reservation and provides you the first available bay closest to the time of your reservation. It does not apply toward gameplay, food or beverage in the bay.

How Do I Make Reservations?

You can make your reservation here or call our office at (816) 702-1320.

It says reservations are unavailable online, Are you sold out?

We only allocate a small portion of our bays to Reservations, and all reservation bay availability is available up to 30 days in advance. If you see it unavailable online, unfortunately that means no additional reservations are available on that date/time. Walk-ins are always welcome though!

Can I Book 3-4 Bays At One Time?

You can book a 2 or 3 bay party at or call our office at (816) 702-1320.

Can I Make A Reservation for your Bar/Restaurant Area?

Yes you can book a reservation.  Just give us a call at (816) 702-1320

I want to book an event. Can You help me?

We would love to help! Whether it’s a small gathering or large, we are here to make sure your event is amazing! Call us at (816) 702-1352 or visit for information.


Do I have to purchase a $5 membership to play?

Your first visit, you will need to pay $5 for a lifetime membership. Our lifetime membership is $5 + tax and allows you to play all the virtual courses and unique games we offer. After your first visit, just simply log-in with your phone number and start playing!

What is a Titanium Membership?

Titanium Members get great perks like unlimited golf daily from when we open until 5PM, use of upgraded Callaway Mavrik clubs, 50% discount on bay time after 5PM and more! Get your membership today by calling (816) 702-1320 or visit Guest Services during your next visit to T-Shotz. More information can be found at

Gift Cards

Do You Have Gift Cards and Where Can I Buy Them?

We offer gift cards valid toward food, beverage, retail, memberships and gameplay! Gift cards can be purchased at Guest Services while you are at T-Shotz, or online here.

Can I use a gift card towards the cost of my event?

Absolutely! Please reach out to our office at (816) 702-1320 and speak to a representative.